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Free Samples From PINCHme

Free Samples From PINCHme

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Sample products from Get a free sample box every month

What is PINCHme?

PINCHme is a great way to sample products for free. Receive a box of free samples by mail in exchange for your honest review and feedback. Samples range from haircare, skincare, home goods and even new snacks. You may also receive a mid or full-size product instead of a small sample pouch.

PINCHme has come a long way and I am here for all the upgrades. Originally sample selection wasn’t an option, and it was a total surprise which samples you got in your box. Now, on a first come, first serve bases, you can choose which sample you want in your box.

When are free samples available?

New samples are available every month on sample day, which us usually on a Tuesday at the end of the month. Get ready to claim your samples. This month’s sample day is September 20th.

How do I qualify for a PINCHme box?

You can enjoy free samples from PINCHme by signing up and completing your profile questionnaire. Having a complete profile betters your chances of being eligible for a box on sample day.

To continue qualifying for new samples each month, PINCHme requires your feedback of your experience using the product. Completing these follow-up questions will help to keep you eligible for the best freebies.

Your feedback earns you coins. These coins can be redeemed for additional rewards and prizes.

How long does it take to receive my PINCHme box?

Boxes may take some time to ship out from their warehouse. Once a ship date and tracking number has been assigned, I typically receive my boxes anywhere between 2-4weeks. Yay to no more guessing when your box will arrive.

My previous PINCHme box samples.

You can scroll through past samples to get a general idea of the exciting brands to expect in your boxes.

I have received a total of #9 boxes. Some months I don’t qualify for a box because I claim samples too late or I forgot to leave my feedback on the previous box. But that’s okay because I fully enjoy every box when I do get to claim one. Here is a look at all the products I have received in my boxes.

*Photos are for reference only as some of these products were full-sized, mid-sized, or sample pouches.

PINCHme Free Samples Bundles. Samples from my PINCHme boxes. 9 bundles of free samples.
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